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Best Selling Stack For Bulking
– 2 x Anagen XX
– 2 x Decagen XX
– 8 Week Cycle
– Pharmaceutical Grade
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The Pro Mass Stack is currently our best selling stack and a combination of two of our most potent bulking orals designed to do one thing only: rapidly increase your gains and strength.

Bulking is a crucial part of any bodybuilding plan that requires the right techniques, nutrition and supplementation to see the kind of results that only athletes can get. Our Pro Mass Stack has been designed to support long term increases in size and strength that are needed to scale your workouts each and every time. The ability to push harder and further results in a greater increase in muscle size and definition.

The common problem that many lifters find is breaking through that dreaded plateau that engages the body to generate more muscle. Stacked together, the ingredients across both these products work synergistically to elevate red blood cell production which in turn provides a raised levels of oxygen to the muscles being exercised and better pumps in those crucial sets.

Run alongside an intense workout routine and clean diet, our Pro Mass Cycle will help you break through this barrier and accelerate the bulking process rapidly by combining two of our most powerful anabolic orals.

Each cycle includes two bottles each of the following:

ANAGEN XX has been scientifically engineered as the catalyst for explosive gains in size being highly regarded by elite bodybuilders and power lifters as one of the best bulking agents currently available online. Clinically formulated with the ground breaking pro-testosterone compounds, the basis of this pioneering product is built upon “stacking principles” that layer a selection of extreme anabolic compounds that trigger the hypothalamus and pituitary glands to naturally elevate your own testosterone levels. More free testosterone in the body means increased strength, higher levels of protein synthesis and improved nitrogen retention within the muscles.

DECAGEN XX is without question one of the most powerful legal steroids currently marketed online for size and strength. and a potent fast acting muscle and strength agent. With a huge serving of caps in every bottle, our product sets the benchmark for pharmaceutical grade anabolics and is unrivalled in the industry.

Decagen XX is a powerful legal steroid formulated to mimic the effects of the popular and immensely effective steroid Deca Durabolin also known as Nandrolone Deconate.
Why would you copy the effects of Deca Durabolin? Simply put it is one of the best multipurpose, low side effect steroids ever made. The versatility of Nandrolone Deconate is endless for any bodybuilder or performance athlete.

The development team that work alongside Flexx Labs built the foundations for DIANAGEN XX to provide a product with unrivalled anabolic & androgenic properties.


ANAGEN XX and DECAGEN XX are to be taken together seven days per week.

Dosing is as follows:

1st dose­­: EACH 2 CAPS In the morning with food & EACH 2 CAPS in the afternoon with food
2nd dose: 4 hours after first dose with food


You can read further information on both these individual products by contacting our Customer Service.


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